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Tonight into Day

Here in Holland, everyone in my generation knows where their parents were during World War Two – whether they went hungry, whether they collaborated or not. Everyone carries these emotions and beliefs with them, and passes them on to the next generation.


During World War Two my mother was caught up in the Battle of Arnhem. My father experienced the bombing of Nijmegen.


When I started working on the performance, my main intention was to put today’s young people in contact with young people back then. But during the performances I realised that war is passed on by itself – not just through upbringing, but also at the far more unconscious level of unspoken emotions such as fear, shame and grief.


I realised that our second and third generations are still carrying this history with them. World War Two is still very much alive. The stories told by the people in the performance are very close to us, and are all the more powerful because they are so personal and readily recognisable. They let us feel the insanity of war, and the importance of peace and freedom – something that has again become topical with all the developments round the immense influx of refugees.


The performance starts early in the morning, when it is still dark. During the concert the sun rises, and it gets light. Then there is a breakfast together with the audience. This is an essential part of the performance, because it sets the seal on togetherness and allows people to exchange experiences and ideas. I have already heard so many remarkable stories from people in the audience!


The time of the encounter, the concert followed by the communal breakfast, make the performance a special experience.


We have chosen five stories – stories of people from various European countries who make choices in various situations and from various perspectives. Choices that have left their mark right up to the present day. Gripping stories told by ordinary people. Their narratives are interspersed with songs.


Quirine Melssen

Eddy van Dijken

Jelte van Andel


Musical Director
Wim Selles

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Quirine Melssen presents

75 years of peace and freedom

The time of the encounter, the concert followed by the communal breakfast, make the performance a special experience.

Why give a performance before sunrise?

That feeling – that you’re emerging from the night, that it’s getting light, and that you’re starting again. And that’s why I’m going to give a concert just before sunrise – to mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of war and freedom here in Holland.

Even if a city has just been bombed

Yes, life starts afresh. Everything gets going again. Even on that morning in Oosterbeek in September 1944. The morning when my mother, as a girl of seventeen, was sitting in the coach house and was filled with terror. The day when everything changed, and she had to find new meaning in her life.

It always gets light again

Have your ever experienced that – seeing it get light in the morning? I find that moment when darkness turns into light so magical.I could describe it as the moment of the day when you are at your most vulnerable – and at your most open.

Vannacht naar Dag / Tonight into Day
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The Doloroso Foundation makes music theatre productions mainly in the field of (classical) music.  Stichting Doloroso stands for sharing emotions and connecting.

The Doloroso Foundation has the Cultural ANBI status.

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